About Fushuo

Hebei Fushuo Metal Rubber and Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. It has been transformed from a small scale to a general taxpayer in 17 years and has 20 years of production experience. Hebei Fushuo is a large reliable and professional manufacturers and suppliers for rubber tube, soft connection, pipe compensator. The company is located in Jingxian County, Hebei Province, which is at the junction of Hebei and Shandong. It is not far from the Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Shide Railway, Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, and 104 National Road. Therefore, the geographical position is superior and the traffic conditions are very convenient. 

Our company is mainly engaged in the production of non-standard and special-shaped products. It has more than 100 sets of various production equipment, complete testing, analysis and instrument equipment, and perfect testing methods.

Our company's products are processed and manufactured with high-quality materials, sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, scientific management and first-class staff, creating reliable products. Our company sells products: air pressure hose, wear-resistant hose, acid and alkali resistant hose, oil resistant hose, antistatic hose, cloth hose, steel wire spiral skeleton hose, food hose, air hoses for various machinery and equipment, water tank elbows , high temperature resistant hoses, high pressure hoses, metal hoses, rubber shafts, rubber sheets, seals, etc., and custom-made various large-diameter hoses, non-metallic fabric compensators and other non-standard special-shaped products. 

Quality is the life of a product. In order to ensure product quality, advanced professional equipment, perfect quality system, and complete testing methods and processes ensure the stability and reliability of products. 

After continuous reform, our company has become a multi-functional enterprise with scientific research and development, production and processing, operation and sales, technical services and so on. "Survival by quality, development by integrity" is our business policy. Hebei Fushuo Metal Rubber & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes friends from all walks of life to visit the company for inspection, guidance and business negotiations. We will warmly welcome you with high-quality products and first-class after-sales service. New and old users from all walks of life choose our company's products, and we sincerely hope to establish long-term and good cooperation with you.

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