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How to maintain Concrete Delivery Rubber Tube


Concrete Delivery Rubber Tube is an important construction material commonly used in construction projects and concrete transportation processes. In order to ensure the service life of the concrete rubber hose, it needs to be properly maintained.

Concrete delivery rubber tubes can be prone to wear and aging, so it is important to avoid inserting the end rubber tube into the concrete and operating in a bent state during pumping operations. It is also important to avoid connecting a hard pipe in front of the tail rubber tube during pumping operations. During maintenance operations, it is best to avoid hammering the end rubber tube excessively with a large hammer, which can cause the steel wire inside the rubber tube to break and accelerate wear and tear. After the pumping operation is completed, the residual concrete inside the end rubber tube should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid damaging the end rubber tube during the next operation.

When storing concrete delivery rubber tubes, they should be cleaned and dried before being rolled up and placed in a dry, cool place. Do not stack the rubber hose under heavy objects or hang it high. It is important to keep the area where the rubber hose is stored dry, ventilated, and regularly cleaned.during use, make sure that the Concrete Delivery Rubber Tube is not subjected to excessive pressure or tension, and avoid contact with sharp objects that could cause abrasions. In addition, it is important to regularly check the wear and tear of the rubber hose during use and perform maintenance and replacement when necessary.

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